Garage Sale Preparation

Preparing for a Garage Sale

Gathering your Items & Clearing your clutter

  • Go through each room with a garbage bag for items you will toss
  • Start each room by going through each drawer and cupboard
  • Check clothing sizes if you have kids, anything too small toss
  • Anything not used for 1 year toss
  • Anything that does not bring you joy toss
  • Repeat for each room

Prepare an Inventory

  • After clearing your clutter and gathering all items make a list of all your items
  • List items with original price, for clothing and shoes note size and age of the item
  • Label each item with your name using masking tape on tags or underneath items like shoes or appliances

Clean & Repair all Items

  • Have all items like toys or appliances cleaned thoroughly
  • Make sure all electronics work
  • Any needed repairs should be completed.
  • Spin Dry clothing using softener sheets for 20 minutes to freshen them up and take out the wrinkles
  • Hang clothing straight from the dryer to prevent wrinkling

Price Items (20 – 30% 0f Original Cost)

  • This is a Garage Sale and the purpose is to declutter your home and make some extra cash
  • With your original price in mind, if you cannot recall try amazon or ebay,  calculate the selling price using 20 -30% of the original price as a guide.
  • Clothing is a lot harder to sell because most times they may be the current fashion trend so you may want to label clothing at 15 – 20% of the original cost. If the clothing is new try 25 – 30% original cost.
  • If items may need repair or are aged you may want to consider 10% original cost.

Pack and Store Items

  • Once you have completed your purging, labelling, inventory, cleaning, repairs and pricing, you will want to pack these items in boxes, suitcases, or in a room not used regularly until the day before the Yard Sale.

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