Garage Sale Organization

How to Have a Successful Multi-Family Garage Sale

  1. Plan Plan Plan – Cause if we fail to plan, we plan to fail.
  2. Sort & Purge Unwanted Items
  3. Clean and Repair Items for Sale
  4. Prepare Inventory, Price and Label Items


  1. Organize Committees:
  • Advertising
  • Set Up
  • Clean Up
  • Signs & pricing
  • Volunteers
  • Equipment
  1. Advertising Committee


A. Advertising Committee – Responsible for several forms of advertising

  1. Social Media
  2. Craigs List
  3. Anglo Info
  4. Free Newspaper Advertising Sites
  5. Hand out Flyers in neighbourhood
  6. Posters for Day of Event
  • Set Up Committee


B. Set Up Committee

  1. Preparing the Venue with Needed Equipment
  2. Installing all Signs towards the location as needed
  3. Setting Up in uniformed order all things for sale at eye level
  4. Preparing and Installing Signs
  5. Pricing and Labelling Items as needed


C. Clean Up Committee

  1. Removing all unsold items
  2. Sorting items to owners
  3. Organizing any donations to be made
  4. Cleaning venue thoroughly
  5. Returning borrowed equipment to owners
  • Signs & Pricing Committee


D. Signs and Pricing Committee

  1. Making of Signs using neon paper for sections of the yard sale such as:  Tools, Shoes, Clothing, Furniture, Kitchen Appliances, etc.
  2. Placing Prices as needed on all items
  • Volunteeer Committee


E. Volunteer Committee

  1. Group of Greeters to meet customers, not watch them shop but rather to greet them and make them comfotable
  2. Offer Shopping Bags
  3. Responsible for a music list and back ground music. Soft back ground music encourage buyers to stay longer.
  4. Offer Clients water, lemonade, coffee, buns etc… ( if they are eating they are staying and if they are staying they are shopping)
  5. Security of items being sold.  1 Volunteer for each department…eg, 1 person shoes, 1 person clothing. 1 person kitchen supplies etc.
  • Equipment Committee


F. Equipment Committee:

  1. Garment Racks
  2. Hangers (metal ones from the launder mat) 100 or more
  3. Folding tables
  4. Folding Chairs
  5. Extemsion cords
  6. Masking Tape
  7. Markie
  8. Plastic Bags
  9. Pricing Tags
  10. Note Book
  11. Pens